Monday, June 16, 2014

Menu Plan Monday- Making Meals When The Food Budget Is Almost Gone

It's Menu Plan Monday again over at the Organization Junkie and as usual I am joining the link up. Check out my menu then head on over and see what others have cooking in their kitchens this week.

We had some unexpected expenses come up last week and over the weekend and it pretty much wiped our grocery budget clean for this week. I have a tiny bit left over from last week so this week we will be getting by on about $25 cash and whatever is the pantry and freezer. Challenges can be fun and interesting if you let them be however and this week I choose to let it be a positive instead of a negative.

Here is what we are chowing down on this week.....

oatmeal with fruit
eggs and toast
cinnamon toast
*some will be repeated a few times within the week*

egg salad or PB sandwiches
loaded salads
soups from the freezer
crock pot mac and cheese with carrots
*some will be repeated a few times within the week*

spinach quiche with fruit
homemade pizza with caesar salad
veggie stir fry
loaded baked potato bar
falafels and salad
breakfast for dinner(pancakes, eggs, bacon)
hamburgers cooked on the grill with oven fries

I have most of what I need for the above menu except for some of the fresh produce, eggs, milk and a teeny bit more hamburger meat. I have a new large bag of flour so I don't have to worry about running out of ingredients to keep us stocked in sandwich bread, muffins, hamburger buns, pizza dough and pancakes. We bought lots of potatoes in bulk earlier this year so I always have potatoes in my basement along with with rice and usually try to to keep some frozen veggies in the freezer at all times. You can make several meals just from rice, veggies and potatoes and if you have a few extra ingredients you can stretch them even further. According to my price book....I really should do a post on that soon.....I can get everything I need for my $25 budget this week. Hopefully we won't get any more surprise expenses this week but if we do I know things will be just fine because I am choosing to have a good attitude. 

Whats on your family's plate this week?

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