Friday, June 13, 2014

Frugal Friday- saving money when you are away from home

Happy Friday folks! Today I am joining in on the Frugal Friday link up from Hearts In Service.

I wasn't able to post much this week because we were out of town on a business trip with my hubby. Even though the trip was for work we always enjoy a road trip and can make a mini vacation out of almost any situation.

Traveling can be expensive however, even when your husbands company is paying for gas, lodging and your husband's meals. I knew our biggest downfall in regards to staying on budget would be food. With only a microwave and fridge in our hotel room and a hotel policy that doesn't all for any type of other small cooking appliance, my options were very limited. It also didn't help that the only place to eat or buy food in the tiny town were were staying in was a local greasy spoon cafe and a gas station. Thankfully I had a plan.

One big budget killer we face whenever we travel is on the road snacks. I don't know what it is about sitting in a car all day that turns us into snacking maniacs, but we just can't seem to stop eating while on the road! This gets super expensive when you load up on snacks every time you stop for a potty break or refueling. Instead I brought the snacks with us. The day before we left we went to our local warehouse store and bought chips, nuts, bottled water and other snacks in bulk. Instead of paying $1.50 for a bag of chips at a gas station, we paid 49 cents by buying them in bulk. The day we left we loaded the cooler with ice and bottled water and juice and packed a bag filled with snacks. Not once during our entire trip did we purchase anything from a gas station or rest stop area except for fuel. This saved us a ton of money.

While at the hotel we continued to eat on some of the snacks but I also brought with me some microwavable foods. I wouldn't normally purchases these types of items but they were still cheaper than eating out at the greasy spoon or the very expensive restaurant within the hotel every day. I got some microwave burritos, hot pockets, breakfast sandwiches and mini pizzas for meals. I also brought plenty of fruit, crackers, cheese, cereal, bottles of milk and juice, granola bars and cinnamon rolls. I had planned on bringing potatoes and making baked potatoes in the microwave but I just plum forgot. hahaha I know none of these items are that healthy BUT they are better than eating out every meal at a place that only serves fried foods and soda pop. Amazingly I only spent a tad over my normal weekly food budget while we were on "vacation."

Entertainment while on a road trip can also be pricey so we stuck to the free forms. Our hotel had a very nice pool we partook in during the day as well as a private beach  where we spent some time collecting shells. The area also had a handful of public parks we went to each day and we even enjoyed just chilling in the hotel under the ac playing games, reading and watching movies. Most places have a variety of free activities if you just look hard enough.

All in all we had a nice time. We got to get out of our town, see some new things and spend time with each other and all without breaking the bank. All it takes is a little planning and a good attitude.


  1. You did great. It is aways difficult when traveling so I think it was wonderful how you found a solution. Thanks for sharing, Manda.

  2. Just found your blog through Terri's and can't wait to read back through. Love the look of your blog.