Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple Front Door Decor

Front door wreaths are kinda an obsession of mine. I love decorating my front door and making it look cheery and welcoming to my guest. Most of the major holidays I have some sort of festive door decor going on but then there are those times of the year where we are in between holidays and I need something more "every day" and simple. I decided a monogram themed wreath would be perfect.

After going through my craft reserves I realized I didn't have what I needed for a wreath so I decided a large monogram would be different and fun. I had picked up this large letter from a craft store for 50% off which made it $5. Also wait till your craft stores have their sales folks so you don't overpay! Our stores here usually run the sales on a cycle so even if what I need isn't on sale yet I know it will be within a matter of a few weeks.

The letter was brown cardboard type material I knew I wanted to paint it but didn't want to waste money on another can of spray paint when I have boxes of leftover paint from previous projects. I found the hammered copper spray paint we used when we gave our dishwasher and vent in the kitchen a face lift and thought it would be a perfect neutral for my monogram.  There was just enough paint left to give a good few coats and it dried great. You can't see the finish very well from the photo but it turned out to be a nice metal look which I adore.

Next I wanted to add some sort of spring/summer color so I went through my ribbon box and found this green burlap with white polka dots left over from Christmas. I had just enough to fashion the sort of bow I wanted. I used plain burlap for the actual hanging part and then just fixed the bow on top. What I really love about this method is that anytime I want a different look I can just change the bow out.
This project turned out exactly how I wanted it to, simple and cheap. Besides the $5 for the letter form I already had everything I needed really. I have gotten several compliments from neighbors and the oversized letter evokes a sense of whimsy which I love.

Not everyone enjoy decorating their front door but I do, to me it makes a statement about the people that live inside. Also I always feel more welcomed when I approach a home with a cheery wreath or such on the door. Maybe I am just weird though. hahahaaha

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  1. It looks beautiful! Love the new blog look. :-)